Disclosures of Conflicts of Interest

Faculty members

Andrew R. Doben, MD, FACS
John G. Edwards, MD, PhD, FRCS(C-Th)
Joseph D. Forrester, MD, MSc, FAWM, FACS
Michael Gooseman, MEd, MEBCTS, FRCS (C/Th)
Pablo Moreno de la Santa, MD, FRCS
Benjamin Ollivere, MBBS, MA(Oxon), FRCS (Tr&Orth), MD
Kostas Papagiannopolous, MD, (CTh)
Stefan Schulz-Drost, MD, PhD, FEBS
Gina R. Shirah, MD, FACS
Christopher Spering, MD
Pieter Jean Van Huijstee, MD, PhD
Esther van Lieshout, PhD
Thomas W. White, MD, CNSC, FACS
Mathieu M. E. Wijffels, MD, PhD