2023 CWIS International syllabus

Monday, 4 September & Tuesday, 5 September

#CWISIntl #CWIS2023

Scientific Session Abstracts

Detailed Agenda by Segment

Monday Morning - General

Monday Morning


7:30 AM - Breakfast available for attendees and exhibitors

8:00 AM
Welcome & Introductions
Thomas W. White, MD, CNSC, FACS

8:15 AM
The 6 Ws of CWIS - CWIS Leadership

  • Who are we? Thomas W. White, MD, FACS, CNSC
  • Where have we been? John G. Edwards, MD, PhD, FRCS(C-Th)
  • What do we do? Zachary M. Bauman, DO, MHA, FACOS, FACS
  • Why should you join? Joseph D. Forrester, MD, MSc, FAWM, FACS
  • When will CWIS help you most? Mathieu M. E. Wijffels, MD, PhD
  • How can you be part of it? Andrew R. Doben, MD, FACS

8:45 AM
CWIS SSRF Guidelines
John G. Edwards, MD, PhD, FRCS(C-Th)

9:00 AM
Chest Wall Exposure Basics
Gina R. Shirah, MD, FACS

9:20 AM
Bone Science for Non-Orthopedists
Stefan Schulz-Drost, MD, PhD, FEBS

9:40 AM
Case Session & Discussion: Competing Priorities in Poly-trauma Patients
Edward Black, MD | Pieter Jean Van Huijstee, MD, PhD

10:10 - Break

10:30 AM
Sternal Fractures Treatment
Tim-Benedikt Beyer, MD

10:50 AM
Complications of SSRF
Kostas Papagiannopolous, MD, (CTh)

11:10 AM
Optimal Non-Operative Management Panel
Ceri Battle, PhD | Michael Gooseman, MEd, MEBCTS, FRCS (C/Th)

11:40 AM
Rib Non-Unions
Pablo Moreno de la Santa, MD, FRCS

12:00 PM - Lunch

Hands-on Dry Lab
Tuesday Morning - General
Tuesday Morning - Scientific