2022 CWISummit Resources

CWIS Annual Business Meeting

(Zoom password sent to members via email)


Voting Slate

CWIS Online Resources


Visit us on http://www.cwisociety.org for recordings - or go straight to the CWIS YouTube channel!

Collaborative Centers



Online application

Chest Injury International Database (CIID)

Test data system, start-up packet & DUA,
and CIID launch


Patient Outreach materials

Patient materials & experience videos, patient story sharing, opportunities for giving


New CWIS 3D Thorax Model

Now available for purchase!


Preview the full model in the lobby during the CWISummit - and make plans to buy your own for real-time patient education and demonstrations of all common chest wall injuries.

Additional details will be available in the CWIS Business Meeting or ask Dr. Tom White or Dr. Andy Doben.

Questions to information@cwisociety.org.

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CWIS in the Queen City