Chest Wall Injuries


Chest wall injuries rarely include a definitive treatment plan that is unequivocally the correct answer for every patient.  More frequently, patients receive multiple perspectives from their team of healthcare professionals, loved ones, and patient education materials.


The healing process for most chest wall injuries suggests a partnership between patients and clinicians that will allow a healthy exchange of information and expectations from both parties to reach an optimal outcome.


In considering the most appropriate treatment plan, several factors must be considered, including:

  • The patient's general state of health;
  • The patient's diagnosis, prognosis, and comorbidities;
  • The likely effectiveness of the respective treatment options, their risks, and side effects;
  • The patient's health beliefs, goals, and preferences;
  • The patient's capacity to manage the treatment and its consequences.


It can be helpful for patients to see & hear stories of other patients - so we have provided a handful of examples here to help.  Please feel free to review the videos and ask your team of healthcare professionals additional questions about the information provided as needed.  Or, if your team is unaware of or unable to support your needs, please feel free to contact the Chest Wall Injury Society for a member in your location.


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Have you suffered a chest wall injury?

Medicine is often taught through stories - and we learn a great deal in hearing directly from patients who have suffered chest wall injuries about their experiences.

If you are interested in sharing, please click here to send us details about your injury, treatment plan, and the feelings/thoughts of you and your loved one through this process.

Ladder Safety Awareness

Ladder misuse and accidents are very common ways for chest wall injuries to occur.  Keep you and your loved ones safe by reviewing these ladder safety best practices - courtesy of the American Ladder Institute.  The Chest Wall Injury Society is a proud partner in their National Ladder Safety Month each March.

Opportunities to Give Back

The Chest Wall Injury Society development initiatives support projects and goals designed to help us meet our mission of optimizing the operative and non-operative care of the patient with chest wall injury.  This occurs in the areas of:

  • International data collection and sharing among participating clinicians
  • Research and publications
  • Education for healthcare professionals (both within and outside of the SSRF field)
  • Development and documentation of best practices
  • Mentoring of new surgeons
  • Advocacy
  • Patient support and information

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