The Research Committee welcomes ideas for novel research projects. The projects can be retrospective or prospective, large multicenter or a conglomeration of a few centers. The research committee will serve as an organizing body to offer suggestions on study design, to solicit participation by other centers, and to help with publication of the manuscript in any way needed. Importantly, the creator of the research idea will remain in control of the overall study and will have the choice of taking the lead or last author position. Each contributing center (including the lead author's center) can include at least 1 additional author, perhaps more depending on the total number of authors.

If a proposed study is accepted by the CWIS Research Committee as a CWIS-approved study and reaches publication, PIs are expected to have the words "CWIS Sponsored Trial" in the title or subtitle of the manuscript.  If this is not done, it is requested a reason is provided to CWIS (such as: insufficient character allowance in the title for a given journal) prior to submission for publication.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via or call (801) 910-3241.