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Volunteers are the energy that drive CWIS. We have a variety of ways for members to be involved, from short-term task force projects to ongoing committees and longer-term board service. With every new volunteer, CWIS grows more energized and with a stronger voice, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to reach our common goals.

At the conclusion of the 2024 Annual Summit, several committee positions will turn over, affording our members the opportunity to get involved.  If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please fill out the volunteer form before the deadline of Friday, December 15 by 23:59 Mountain Time.  You may volunteer for as many positions as you would like, but are ultimately only able to serve on one committee at a time.

Committee members are expected to participate in committee activities, including conference calls, in-person meetings held in conjunction with the CWISummit (if applicable), projects, and other assigned tasks to complete the goals and objectives of the committee as per Board expectations. Committee members who do not participate may be replaced.

The CWIS By-laws state as follows:

Section Process for Nominations and Elections


The Nominating Committee is responsible for tracking, identifying, and filling positions within the Society that will become vacant at the conclusion of the annual Summit. It is the purview of the Nominating Committee to nominate members for these open positions based upon either a call for volunteers or a decision of the committee itself. In the case of the former, an electronic mailing to the membership will be sent soliciting interest in specific positions. Such calls for volunteers should be circulated to the membership at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual summit. The Nominating Committee shall adjudicate the volunteer candidates' applications and, after consultation with the Board, the Nominating Committee shall recommend a slate of candidates ("Slate") to the voting members of the society. The slate will be provided electronically to the voting members of the society at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. The voting members of the society will then have no less than seven (7) days to vote electronically on the slate. The slate will be ratified by simple majority of electronic votes, provided that a quorum exists. Unless a greater quorum is required by law, ten percent (10%) of the voting members of the society shall constitute a quorum. Alternate nomination petitions by any member in good standing may be submitted during the electronic voting period and will be entertained if affirmed by no less than twenty percent (20%) of the total number of members eligible to vote. In the case of affirmation, the slate nominee and alternative nominee(s) shall run against each other by electronic vote, with the winner being determined by simple majority, provided there is a quorum as defined previously in this section. No member of the nominating committee can nominate themselves to any position.

If you have a specific preference and/or questions about committee engagement prior to volunteering, please feel free to reach out to the Committee Chair as noted on the CWIS Leadership webpage or email SarahAnn.

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