2019 Chest Wall Injury Summit

Scientific Presentations

List of confirmed abstract authors, presenters, and topics

Presenters and topics are listed randomly.  Specific sessions and order will be announced prior to the meeting.
*Denotes who will be presenting on-site

Authors and presenters: please contact SarahAnn (sarahann@cwisociety.org) if you notice any errors/omissions below).

The Sequential Clinical Assessment of Respiratory Function (SCARF) Score: A Dynamic Pulmonary Physiologic Score that Predicts Adverse Outcomes in Critically Ill Rib Fracture Patients

Kimberly Hardin, ACNP*
Fredric Pieracci, MD, MPH


A Multi-Institution Case Series of Intercostal Cryoneurolysis as an Adjunct to Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures for Control of Traumatic Rib Fracture Pain

Frank Z. Zhao, MD, FACS
Adam J. Kaye, MD, FACS
John D. Vossler, MD, MS, MBA*


It's More Than Just a Couple of Ribs

Caleb Butts, MD*
Martin Avery, MD


Rib Fracture Patterns Associated with Diaphragmatic Injury: A Retrospective Review

Rafael G. Ramos, MD*
Graciela M. Bauza, MD, FACS

Bioabsorbable Plating for Traumatic Costal Arch Injuries

Daniel L. Miller, MD*
William R. Mayfield, MD


Sarcopenia is Not a Risk Factor for Poor Short Term Outcomes in Patients who Undergo SSRF

Francis Baffour, MD
Brian D. Kim, MD, FACS
Jamie D. Crist, MD*


Outcomes After Rib Fixation: Age Not A Factor?

Ceclia Benz, MD*
Steven Briggs, MD


Determining the Clinical Significance of the CWIS International Delphi Consensus for Multiple Rib Fracture Taxonomy

Peter Clarke
John G. Edwards, MB ChB, FRCS, PhD*


Internal Thoracic Rib Plating: A Novel System for Management of Displaced Rib Fractures

Daniel Goldman, MD*
Troy Mortiz, MD

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Instructions for Authors and Presenters

Your presentation is scheduled for 12 minutes, which includes 7 minutes of content and 5 minutes of audience questions.  Our agenda is very full, so we must insist that your contribution fit within the allotted time.

Please accept/decline the invitation to present your abstract via email on or before Tuesday, January 1 - and confirm which of the submitting authors will be presenting at the Summit.  As a token of appreciation, submitting authors are eligible for a 10% discount on registration fee.  Please contact SarahAnn Whitbeck (sarahann@cwisociety.org) to obtain the online code.

To ensure timely transition between presenters, all presentations must be loaded on the main computer in advance of the session.  There will be a standard CWIS-branded PowerPoint template provided soon, which presenters are encouraged to use.

CWIS and the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery are partnering to reserve space within an upcoming inaugural "CWIS Issue" of the journal, in which five manuscripts from our 2019 Summit will be given priority for publication.  To be eligible for selection, a formal manuscript is required and is due on Friday, March 15.  It is our hope and expectation that all scientific presenters will choose to submit manuscripts.  Details regarding manuscript specifications are available below.

Additionally, submitting authors are required to complete the following:

  • Faculty accreditation documentation online: please click here.   This documentation must be submitted no later than Monday, January 7.  (If you have already completed due to another presentation at the 2019 Summit, please disregard)
  • Curriculum vitae submission: Please include a copy of your curriculum vitae in your reply. (Again, please disregard if you have already sent due to another presentation)
  • Finalized slides are due on Friday, March 1.

Manuscript Preparation & Details

CWIS is excited to partner with the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - and is looking forward to this opportunity for our CWISummit scientific abstract presenters to be part of our first issue.  To be eligible for selection, a formal manuscript is required and is due on Friday, March 15.  It is our hope and expectation that all scientific presenters will choose to submit manuscripts.

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery has specific instructions and guidelines for submitting articles. Please read and review them carefully. Articles that are not submitted in accordance with their instructions and guidelines are more likely to be rejected.

Please note - the initial CWISummit submission form was limited to two authors for administrative simplicity, however, you can have unlimited authorship for the JTACS manuscript submission.  Please tailor your submission as needed/desired.